Identifying a threat and preventing it before something happens is our forte. This is basic in electromechanical services. At Direct Services we understand the need and we work with the best trained and resourceful professionals to understand the need and solve it as soon as possible in a neat and professional manner because we don’t keep solutions in our name we show it in our work.

Our services include predicting any issues with the electromechanical instruments before they even happen and also preventing them accordingly for your ease. If something goes unnoticed we have the resources and the experience along with the well trained professionals who have dealt with every kind of complex issue there is in their niche through which we can repair and solve the issue as soon as possible. Direct Services is a company that is also very stringent with their policies of environment, health and safety. We take an oath to keep the environment clean and tidy and not make a havoc because of our services because we as a construction company know the importance of sanitation. Both electricity and mechanical are usually scrutinized as polluting and as a threat when in the wrong hands so only a well experienced company like ours can understand its value and implement it to its core.

For the working of all equipment and their best pace, maintenance of all assets at optimum performance levels, as per OEM specs and recommendations made by local professional bodies is a must. Because when the application does not work at the pace of your success, that is the worst feeling ever and to prevent that we maintain it to perform at its optimum level. At DIrect Services, we provide necessary support to any Business Contingency Plan as directed by the client because, again, as a construction firm, we know the importance of a well planned project and the effort taken so any support is guaranteed by the team for our valued clients. Mistakes can happen from anyone, because that is the reality, but timely identification and rectification of faults is really important. But at direct solutions we take it a step further and we make sure that the issues are recorded and are time bound and shared to facilitate quality analysis to make sure to make fewer mistakes every time.

Electromechanics is a complex field which many don’t know much about which is when it becomes undeniably necessary to hire professionals who understand what they do and do it in a professional manner with their passion. We can confidently say that we are the right choice because we have painstakingly found the people with the skill, experience, talent and knowledge of what should be done in every specific situation. Similarly it is important to concentrate on the quality of the material because the building remains as an asset but the low quality might end up needing constant repairs which might make it a liability. In contrast the high priced brands might loot naive customers which is where we come in with the utmost care we take in completing every dream and also getting you the best deal with the influence and understanding in the market. At Direct Solution we persist to make a balance between the client’s needs and the reality of the market because we care about what is best for you.