The basic main three needs of a building are the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) aspects of the design itself. This MEP service might be unheard of and some might even think it’s just a formality but the right kind of MEP can really change the environment and the quality of life in your building.

Now that it is understood how important MEP is we might think about looking for individuals for the same. But here is why a good company like Direct Services comes into play with our years of experience in the field and the abundant resources with which we can take your project from a paper into the real world. MEP specifically includes the in-depth design and selection of these systems, as opposed to an individual simply installing equipment. A good company’s MEP design is important for planning, decision-making, accurate documentation, performance- and cost-estimation, construction, and operating/maintaining the resulting facilities. a badly designed HVAC system the consumption might be 30-70% and if they are not proper the overheating can even kill their business for some time. I mean we can’t even imagine how many more businesses might get affected if that happens. This might show you the importance of a well-designed, cost-effective MEP designed from a well-experienced group of designers from a world-class company such as ours.

MEP Contract Project

In the days of global warming and climate change, there is a grave threat of mass extinction of the range that no one can even think of so it is the moral responsibility of every company to reduce the waste that we emit as much as possible as the quote goes, we did not inherit this earth from our forefathers we borrowed it from our children and we at Direct Solutions don’t see it just as a quote we take this to heart as our moral responsibility as a construction company to make or designs as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. MEP has all the elements that can be designed in a bad way to spread pollution and emit toxins so choosing a good company that understands this and does it in a cost-effective manner is really important. As we keep in mind all the needful we also keep in mind not hurting the dream of our clients in the way.

We at Direct Solutions understand our client’s needs and work day and night with complete determination and dedication to see their dream exist before their eyes as they imagined it. Direct Solutions as a company cares and values such emotions and understands how stressful and painstakingly hard it is to make a dream a reality but we try and make it a little easier for our clients because we care and understand each and every customer. We do not see your dreams simply as projects, it is our passion to make that dream a reality and see the happiness in people’s eyes when they see their dream before their own eyes.