Mr. Asim Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim Al Raisi

Founder and Investor of Direct Services since 2007. An IT & Business Management Professional holding 25 years of experience in managing different types of projects including IT and Civil Engineering. Strength and pillar for the transformation from a small enterprise to a professional construction company in Oman.

Mr. Jomon Joseph

Managing Director
The heart and soul of Direct Services for over a decade. With his 26 years of experience (20 years in Oman) in Construction industry including Project management, Execution, Designing and Quantity surveying, he always ensures that the company achieves its financial vision, mission and long – term goals.

Mr. Ahmed Khamis Khalfan Al Nadbi

Managing Partner
With years of experience in the field of construction management including MEP and civil projects, he coordinates all activities of the company including client satisfaction, finance management, and staff welfare.

Mr. Ziyad Obaid Abdulla Al Hadhrami

General Manager, ATS
An enterprising and intellectual marketing executive with 4 years of experience in contractual marketing. He always aims at expanding business by developing various sales/ marketing strategies that matches the client’s requirements.

Mr. Tijo Varughese

General Manager, Projects
The key initiator to lead Direct Services’ success path. An eminent electrical engineer carries more than 12 years of experience in construction including electro-mechanical services, project management, and execution, testing, and commissioning of various medium and complex natured projects.

Mr. Khalid Hamdan Mohamed Al Siyabi

HR Manager
Having 30 years of experience in HR administration and the Public Relationship sector in Oman, he leads the company in developing policies, overall administration and coordinates human resource activities such as employee welfare, labor relationships, benefits, training, and PRO.

Mr. Aneesh P Zachariah

Purchase Manager
Procurement manager having 20 years of experience (Last 17 years in Oman) in electromechanical, construction including purchase, Sales, inquiry, materials order, and management with multinational products.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hai

Senior Project Manager
An electrical engineer with 12 years of experience (11 years in GCC), joined Direct Services in 2012. Now heads the Electrical department and handling generation & transmission, distribution & utilities, ELV system.

Mr. Sachin

Project Head - DST UAE
An electrical engineer having more than 15 years of GCC experience in construction filed on all electromechanical services, successful initiation, planning, design, estimating, developing the budget, MSRA preparation, team leadership, execution, monitoring, controlling, assuring quality and closure of a project.

Mr. Nasil Salam P.K

Finance Executive
Graduate having experience 8 years’ experience in office administration and finance controller. He is responsible for coordinating staff welfare, cash flow & dealing with banks, and all financial correspondence.

Mr. Shijo George

Senior HVAC Manager
Senior HVAC Manager, with 8 years’ experience in electromechanical construction including HVAC Design as per Ashrae Code, Managing and Execution of project with various clients and consultants

Mr. Subin Samuel

Project Manager
Project Management professional with 8 Years expertise in planning and execution of Construction Projects by effectively applying methodologies that enforce project standards and minimize exposure and risks on projects.

Mr. Abdul Haq

Estimation/Project Co ordinator
Graduate in Electrical Engineering with 7 years (6 years in Oman) experience in Pre and post tendering quantity surveying and project co-ordination.

Mr. Riyas

Business Development Manager DST UAE
Mechanical engineer having more than 15 years GCC experience in construction filed on all electromechanical services as a business development manager. His key role is developing growth strategies and plans, managing and retaining relationships with existing clients, increasing client base, having an in-depth knowledge of business products and value proposition.