Direct Services LLC is a turnkey construction firm based out of Oman. We are the best civil Construction and electromechanical service provider in all of Oman and our services have been widely praised throughout Oman’s industries. The name Direct Services LLC has been synonymous with excellent quality and timely delivery of projects. Our turnkey construction solutions for a whole range of commercial establishments stands tall and strong to the day as a testament to what we are capable of accomplishing within a fixed budget and limited time frame.

Our Services

◈ Civil construction
We build RCC high rise structures, structural steelworks, waterproofing works, structural cladding and glazing, building renovation refurbishment, and extension works

◈ Infrastructure construction
Roads, pavements, pipeline works, HDPE piping, underground cabling, fire services, and fiber optics cable

◈ Project management
Project planning, scheduling, budgeting, cost management, procurement, contract management, construction management

◈ Electrical installations
High voltage work, low voltage work, generator works, transformer, HV/LV panels, fire alarm, data & voice networks, and security systems

◈ Maintenance
Building renovation refurbishment and extension works, MEP maintenance works, facility management

◈ Turnkey interior fit
Turnkey interior contracting, joinery works, furniture’s & fixtures, flooring, interior/exterior wall cladding & paneling, painting, suspended ceiling, doors & windows, drywall, movable & acoustic partitions, and MEP Works

◈ Mechanical solutions and constructions
Cooling tower & chillers, air handling units, package units, ducting, thermostat controls, ducted split units, refrigerant piping, ducting, window AC units, split units, refrigerant piping, fresh air systems, VRV system, VRF system, precision (Closed-circuit) systems, dehumidifier & ducting, plumbing system, fire fighting system, building management system, STP & LIFTING station, RO Plant, HDPE Pipe welding & installation

◈ Specialized services in construction and industrialization
Solar power station, energy audit & management, fuel system, calorifiers, pipe freezing

◈ Trading of specialized goods and instruments

Direct services LLC offers a unique set of quality benchmarks and standards for all our projects that match with the highest of industry standards and quality assurance. Our team of well-qualified engineers and architects makes sure that each individual component and design in every project is fail-safe and conduct multiple and vigorous testing in each stage. This provides a level of quality assurance that is unmatched in the field.

Though Direct Services LLC has been widely deemed as the best turnkey construction and MEP service provider in the market since only 2007, our projects and the trust our beloved clients have placed in us has led us to extraordinary heights of success. However, humility and reactiveness have been with us since the founding. We understand the level of effort and resources that goes into each individual project and how important it is for every client. It is exactly because of that, we treat each individual project in its full seriousness and never compromise on quality and timeliness.

Our vast array of premium construction and electromechanical projects proves the level of quality and integrity that we put into our work. You can visit our completed projects page to learn more about this. We take great pride in offering a one-stop solution for our clients. As stated above about our services, our clients can assign a project and have a finished product in hand with time to spare. Another important aspect that places us among the top construction companies in Oman is the competitive pricing where we create a well-researched and all-encompassing budget estimate that aligns with the actual cost.

Direct services LLC also employs highly qualified engineers, architects, and workers who are at the top of their field to make sure that nothing goes out of place in a completed project. Every project that we take on is scrutinized and carefully dissected to make it flawless. This level of careful and deliberate fail proofing leaves little to no room for error in the execution stage. We believe in second chances, but not in second-guessing. There can be all sorts of reworks and fixes in the concept stage to make the final plan as efficient and perfect as possible. So rest assured, once the plan moves on to the execution stage, it will be as elegant and unique as you imagined.

You can also contact our previous clients for a word about our work on their past projects. We believe in making our clients comfortable and keeping them informed in all stages so as to have a detailed idea of what happens when. This method of inclusive project management keeps everyone in the loop and nothing goes amiss.