The Direct Services name has been synonymous with construction since 2007. The company has more than a decade of experience in the Oman market. Then and now, we conduct our business and ourselves in the highest ethical manner, and the values we subscribe to today are as important as when we founded the company. Our clients’ requirements have changed over the years, but we’ve never changed our commitment to always providing the best construction value with safety and quality at the forefront.
Direct Services is a full-service construction and engineering firm with extensive experience in a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our corporate culture, which is based on safety, quality, and integrity, is evident from our staff through to each Jobsite. Using our core values of performances, integrity, and commitment the company strives to achieve ever-higher standards. As a forward-moving company, Direct Services aligns itself with customers who are looking for partnerships and long-term relationships. As evidence that we are “doing it right the first time,” we have an impressive amount of repeat business alongside a growing client list.
Direct services LLC consists of a highly qualified, well-experienced professional in the fields of engineering, building services, construction, and project management. We develop ourselves by Critically applying sound project management principles in our day-to-day activities, searching and developing project management talent towards projects, and the company’s excellence.